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The label

My obsession with jewellery started when I was a child. I would love to steal my mom's earrings, although I was way too young to wear them. When I was only four years old I got my ears pierced and my love story with jewellery never stopped growing from that moment on.

Growing up I collected jewellery from different countries and brands, I loved to wear both extravagant and minimalistic jewellery. As I just loved how jewellery made me feel. Extravagant earrings on a beautiful dress would make me feel soft and feminine, and in contrary, a minimalistic pair on a casual day would make me feel more confident. When creating a new line of jewellery I am heavily influenced by my own travels, experiences and mood(s). All my pieces tell their own story and they are created with passion. As styles are mixed between collections, you will notice that all items have something remarkable. A basic hoop with a twist, or an extraordinary design that you have never seen before.

Next to this, beauty is more than 'looking pretty' to me, as beauty represents energy, confidence and character. I hope my jewellery gives you what you are looking for in that specific moment; to feel special, pretty or more confident. My mission is to deliver a piece of joy to every person that collects a piece of our collection. A piece with high-quality plating that is both affordable and luxurious. Every individual deserves to feel at her best at all times.

With love,

Sustainable packaging

Our packaging is made from recycled materials that take little from the earth but give back a lot.


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